Resources for Undocumented Students

Dream.US image

Financial Aid Opportunities

  • The Mason DREAMers maintain a scholarship listing on their website.
  • The Dream.US is another scholarship for students with DACA.

The Mason Application

When applying to Mason, there is a question pertaining to citizenship on the application. If you have active DACA status, you can select the blank space or “Please select” from the drop-down menu for the citizenship question. You will then answer “yes” to the DACA questions and upload your documents. (Please see the screenshot below.)

If you do not have DACA, you can also select the blank space or “Please select.” However, you will not be eligible for in-state tuition and will have to fill out supplemental international student information. You may also have to pay the international student application fee if you are not eligible for the Pathway fee waiver.